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RealAvid Spot Light Precision Cleaning Kit
Dieses Tool hat ein ergonomisches Griffstück mit 3 leistungsstarken, weissen LED's um alle Stellen der Waffe auszuleuchten. Damit haben Sie immer starkes Licht, dort wo es gerade benötigt wird. Das Spot Light Precision Cleaning Kit kommt mit vielen nützlichen Werkzeugen, welche ganz einfach aufgesteckt und unter einander ausgetauscht werden können. Sogar einige Bits sind dabei (Philips, Schlitz, Torx und Hex) um einfache Zerlegarbeiten an der Waffen zu tätigen. Ein sehr nützliches Set - nicht nur für over40...
  • 3 LED lights integrated into the handle
  • 8 cleaning tools including swab holder and patch collar
  • 7 bits for common gun maintenance tasks
  • Swab holder fits generic style cleaning swabs
  • Patch collar holds any cleaning patch for detailed work
  • Ergonomic triangular grip
  • Engineering grade resin case is impact resistant
  • Takes 2 AA Batteries (not included)
RealAvid Spot Light Precision Cleaning Kit
Dieses Produkt ist nicht lieferbar.

RealAvid 4-IN-4 GLOCK TOOL
Sleek, ergonomic, packed with function. In every way a thoroughly modern armorer’s tool for Glock owners. 4 different tools store inside the handle and each snaps open and locks in place with the push of a button. Remove pins for disassembly, change out front sights, remove slide lock spring and locking block and adjust aftermarket rear sights. Smart, precise, advanced ...just like your Glock.
  • Passend zu jeder Glock Pistole
  • Kompaktes, schlankes Design
  • Magnetsicher 3/16" hex Tool für Griffstück und Korn
  • 3mm Punch für alle Glock Pin-Grössen
  • .050" Allen Wrench um die Kimme zu justieren
  • Flaches Tool (for prying slide lock spring & locking block)
  • Push button release for snap open tools
  • Ergonomic frame stores all 4 tools
RealAvid 4-in-1 Tool for Glock
Dieses Produkt ist nicht lieferbar.

Victorinox Korrekturmesser Stgw90
Das Korrektur Messer für das Sturmgewehr 90 und allen Varianten des SG55x mit der Standard-Visierung. Damit lassen sich schnell und bequem Schussverlagerungen in der Seite und Höhe zu korrigieren. Der Aufdruck symbolisiert die Drehrichtung und erleichtert alles erheblich. Gehört einfach in jedem Stgw90-Koffer. Weitere Tools, wie Messer, Flaschenöffner, etc. Mit Kapselheber, Farbe schwarz, Gesamtlänge 91mm.
Korrekturmesser Stgw90

RealAvid Pistol Tool
Never before has so much insight been built into a tool that can fit in your mag pouch. The Pistol Tool gives a shooter the ability to maintain, add accessories, and tweak their favorite handgun with easy access to its 19 precision tools. Each tool is calibrated to popular platforms—from polymer striker-fired to revolver to 1911. Whether on the bench, at the range, or in the field, The Pistol Tool will make sure your trigger finger stays happy.
  • Four Bondhus Protanium® hex keys ride onboard, held securely by a powerful magnet. Sizes 1/16" to .028" cover all your needs for delicate laser sight and optical sight adjustments.
  • An extended, 2.5” long bit driver deploys securely with its liner lock. This added length allows reach inside your handgun’s frame when necessary. Any of the six onboard square-cut, hollow ground bits are held in place with a ball detent system.
  • The non-hardened stainless steel carbon scraper with liner lock easily removes carbon without damaging steel surfaces. A fine-tooth file removes burrs and blemishes quickly and precisely.
  • Unique to The Pistol Tool are 1911 Government and Officer model bushing wrenches for easy disassembly without chasing flying parts. A detachable pin punch rides in a 8-32 threaded receiver compatible with many common cleaning rods and implements. A tap hammer stands ready to assist with stubborn pins and drift sight adjustments.
  • Made from 420 stainless steel, the Tanto blade is three inches in length and scalpel sharp to handle all of your everyday cutting operations.

RealAvid Pistol Tool

RealAvid Gun Tool
We set out to make a gun-specific 18-in-1 shooter's multi-tool and ended up creating an entire category. This gun tool was designed for those “Oh, crap” moments – when problems strike and they need to be fixed fast. The Gun Tool can change choke tubes, mount and adjust scopes, tighten screws and break down actions. No matter where a problem with a gun happens – in the field, at the range or workbench – count on The Gun Tool to fix it.

Product overview
  • Stainless steel frame with non-slip grip side plates
  • Pin punch
  • Choke tube wrench fits .410–10 ga.
  • Scope windage/elevation adjuster
  • 3 Torx® wrenches: T20, T15, T10
  • 2 Allen® wrenches:3⁄32” & 5⁄32”
  • Magnetic 3/16” hex driver
  • 1.5” 420 stainless steel claw-point knife
  • Storage bay holds 4 hex bits: P2, P1, 1⁄8” & 3⁄16” at driver

RealAvid Gun Tool

RealAvid Gun Tool Max
Packed with 37 precision-made, mission-specific tools for all hunters and shooters, this highly versatile tool repairs, customizes, and makes disassembly and reassembly fast and easy. Included are needle-nose pliers with carbide cutters, a universal choke tube wrench, locking driver, and a heavy-duty stainless steel knife. The ballistic nylon sheath carries 12 additional bits for added functionality. It’s everything you need to maximize your gun’s potential.

  • Universal choke tube wrench fits .410 to 10 gauges to make adjustments on the fly. It’s built to stand up to stuck-and-stubborn choke tubes with hefty stainless steel construction. It also features a flat screwdriver tip on the end of the blade, perfect for adjusting riflescope turrets for precision shooting in any element.
  • There are critical components to assist in disassembling your firearm in the field or at the bench. Included are a detachable pick on a 8-32 threaded post that also accepts rods and brushes, a detachable 3/32" pin punch in an 8-32 threaded receiver that also accepts rods and brushes.
  • The 3-position locking magnetic driver secures 12 square-cut, hollow-ground bits. No matter the job at hand, this line-up offers the bits you need.
  • Constructed from stainless steel, the combination pliers feature needle nose and extended jaws.
  • Non-hardened steel scrapes baked-on carbon from bolts, rails, pins.
  • The tool folds down to fit in the ballistic nylon, MOLLE-compatible sheath easily carried on your belt, pack, or range bag. The sheath also securely stores the driver bits as well as the front sight adjuster tool.
  • Made from 440 stainless steel, the drop point blade is 3.25 inches in length to handle all your everyday cutting operations.
  • Oversized flat head screwdriver folds out to 90° for extra torque when you need it most. It can also be used in a pinch to open a bolt on a semi-auto shotgun.

RealAvid Gun Tool Max

RealAvid Carbon Boss AR15
This is the most comprehensive carbon removal multi-tool ever  built. Extremely versatile, it has 12 precision surfaces to clean the  most critical parts of your bolt, bolt carrier, cam pin, and firing pin.  It also includes a cotter pin puller, a replaceable rotating phosphor  bronze brush, and an imbedded bolt tail detailing brush. It’s the enemy  of your AR15’s worst enemy.

RealAvid Gun Tool Pro AR15
When it comes to keeping your AR15 going bang and getting the most for your buck, Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the clear choice. Thirty-five highly capable tools in a tactical, rugged design work with ease and precision to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately. From teardown and carbon scraping, to maintenance and reassembly, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the partner to have in the field, at the range, or on the workbench.

  • Precision cut faces on the carbon scraper quickly clean all external and internal surfaces on the bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin (large and small), and cam pin. These surfaces are precision milled to out-clean anything else on the market.
  • Two bit drivers located at the front and on the side of the frame handle your precision adjustments and high torque jobs, respectively. Eight square-cut, hollow ground bits ride right onboard.
  • A knurled, steel tap hammer at the base of the handle stands ready to assist you in punching stubborn pins. A deployable 8-32 threaded receiver accepts common cleaning rods, cables, brushes, and other maintenance implements. Also included are T10, T15, T20 Torx® wrenches.
  • A unique, quickly accessible tool deploys instantly to clear jams, remove stuck cartridge cases, and put the rifle quickly back into firing mode.
  • Carried in a custom sheath compartment, the stainless steel sight tool quickly handles adjustment of both A1 & A2 style sights. The barrel is knurled for solid grip and precision adjustments.
  • The tool folds down to fit in the ballistic nylon, MOLLE-compatible sheath easily carried on your belt, pack, or range bag. The sheath also secures the front sight adjuster tool.
  • A special flip-open, magnetized compartment on top of the frame securely stows and holds tiny components so you won’t lose them and waste precious time searching for them.

RealAvid Gun Tool Pro AR15

RealAvid FINI Choke Wrench
Fini is the smallest, most functional choke wrench ever. It’s built to stand up to stuck-and-stubborn choke tubes with a hefty, stainless steel choke blade inside a heavy-duty aluminum housing. It also features a flat screwdriver tip on the end of the blade, perfect for adjusting riflescope turrets for precision shooting in any element.

  • Carried on your everyday key chain, you’re always ready for a choke change at the range or in the field. Universal wrench handles all gauges from mighty 10 down to tiny .410.
  • Includes a custom tool for precise adjustment of windage and elevation turrets on any riflescope.
  • Aluminum frame and compact folding design attached to key ring for convenient access any time, anywhere.

RealAvid FINI Choke Wrench

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