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AR 15 Specials
Real Avid Lug-Lok Vise Block
Traditional clamp style upper blocks fit poorly and can exert enough inward pressure to damage the receiver when applying torque to a barrel nut or flash suppressor. That’s bad design. So, we designed an upper block that leverages the strongest part of the gun – the barrel lugs inside the star chamber. The Lug-Lok is precision machined and precisely fits into all Mil-Spec uppers. It mates perfectly with the barrel lugs, while allowing you to rotate the upper to be able to work on different sides. There are 2 vise pins that allow you to hold the upper at multiple working angles and prevent unwanted rotation during high torque application. The lock knob keeps Lug-Lok seated into the barrel lugs. The result – the safest, easiest and smartest way to lock down an AR15 upper into a bench vise.
RealAvid Lug-Lok Vise Block AR15

Real Avid AR15 Scraper
A faster, easier way to clean the bolt carrier group. The AR 15 Scraper removes heavy, baked-on fouling from 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces faster and easier than brushes and solvent alone. It speed-cleans all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier and bolt cam pin. The swivel protects your hand from the double-ended scraping edges. It’s ideal for any workbench, cleaning kit or range bag.
RealAvid Scraper AR15

Real Avid Accu-Punch Hammer & AR15 Pin Punch Set
ARMORER’S AR15 PIN PUNCH SET WITH PIN ALIGNMENT TOOL - Gunsmithing hammers and punches are core tools needed to modify or  disassemble firearms. Most sets available today are generic repurposed  hardware sets. Accu-Punch Hammer & Punch sets are designed from the  ground up to work better on guns. The hammer features an ergonomic grip  and perfectly balanced weight to give both precise control for tapping  tiny pins and optimal force for those that need a little “persuasion”.  Our punches are made of hardened steel with a nickle-plating to resist  corrosion as well as hex-shaped handles and rubber O-rings for precise  control. Our proprietary Pin Alignment Tool makes aligning and starting  tiny pins both easy and accurate. These professional grade gunsmithing  sets are organized in an uber-tough stand-up case.

This advanced kit includes every standard and roll pin punch needed to build or work on an AR15. A perfectly balanced hammer along with our proprietary pin alignment tool makes starting tiny pins easy and accurate. All in a modern stand-up case. A remarkably frustration free experience – even for sausage fingers.
RealAvid Accu-Punch Hammer & AR15 Pin Punch Set

Real Avid AR15 Pivot Pin Tool
How can such a small task cause such frustration? This brilliant little tool gives you a third hand to turn the fumble finger, pin launching, pain-in-the-neck task into a quick breeze. 1-2-3-4 done, it’s that simple.
RealAvid AR15 Pivot Tool

Real Avid Gun Tool CORE AR15
Compact and fully capable, the Gun Tool CORE-AR15 is the ideal tool for performing critical “keep shooting” tasks on your AR15 like removing carbon from every surface on and in your BCG, clearing jams, punching stubborn takedown pins or on-the-fly optics and sight adjustments. Small and streamlined in stature, but big on solving the most commonly encountered problems, keeping you up and running in the field or at the range. Easy to carry with carabiner like modularity, CORE easily secures to molle straps or a belt. CORE is a must have carry tool for serious shooters.
RealAvid Gun Tool CORE AR15
  • World’s most comprehensive carbon scraper
  • Cleans carbon from all critical surfaces to keep bolts cycling smoothly
  • Clear jams
  • Punch takedown pins
  • Make sight adjustments
  • Heavy-duty Liner-Locks keep tools secure in use
  • Carabiner-like function secures to molle straps

Real Avid Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block
Der Vise Block ist eine clevere Schraubstock-Halterung passend zum AR15 Gewehr. Damit lässt sich jedes AR15 sauber und schonend in einem Schraubstock festmachen. Beide Händen sind nun frei, nichts fällt herunter oder verschiebt sich. Ideal um den Lauf und den Receiver zu reinigen aber auch für AR15-Tuning-Arbeiten. Einfach in den Magazinschacht einstecken und den roten, unteren Verschluss soweit drehen bis alles optimal hält. Kann von unten oder auch von oben im Receiver verwendet werden. Passend zu allen AR15 in .223REM, erweiternde Abschnitte passen für jeden Magwell, mit Magazinsperre. Ein sehr nützliches Tool um das AR15 schonend zu reinigen und vor Kratzern zu schützen
RealAvid Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block

RealAvid AR15 Chamber Boss
Every tool you need to easily eliminate baked-on carbon from the AR15  chamber. All implements store inside the ergonomic handle. The handle  self-centers inside the upper to perfectly align with the barrel  extension lugs. Easily spin the handle while making precision contact  for all implements inside the chamber. Makes easy work of removing  carbon. Included is the handy Pivot Lock to hold your gun open while  cleaning. The smartly designed Chamber Boss – AR15…Fast, Easy,  Effective.

RealAvid AR15 Pivot Locking Bore Cleaning Guide
This clever design combines the ability to lock the AR15 upper open  while perfectly aligning cleaning rods inside the barrel. The  industry-first pivot-locking arm securely holds the upper open at an  optimum angle for cleaning the bore. The Smart Lock Bore Guide protects  the chamber and bore from accuracy-robbing damage by preventing the  cleaning rod from bowing and rubbing the bore throat. By properly  aligning the rod, it is easier to push tight patches through the bore.  It reduces solvent and gunk from entering the action while scrubbing a  dirty bore. The included Pivot Lock holds the gun open while cleaning  the star chamber.

RealAvid AR15 Smart Lock Bore Guide

RealAvid Armorer's Master Wrench AR15

AR15 Armorer's Master Wrench
Dieses hochwertig verarbeitete Tool ist unzerstörbar und garantiert beste Ergebnisse und materialschonendes Arbeiten an Ihrem AR15. Die ergonomische Formgebung sorgt dafür, dass auch hartnäckige, verkrustete Laufmuttern oder die Castle Nut mühelos zu lösen ist, ohne die Waffe oder die Muttern zu beschädigen. Das Werkzeug hält unter Druck seine Form und hat tiefliegende Nocken, um die Muttern zu greifen und sie zu halten. Mit dem Befestigungspunkt für den Drehmomentschlüssel kann die genaue und kritische Drehmomentanpassungen an allen Muttern und festen Receiververlängerungen vorgenommen werden. Einziges AR-15 Werkzeug mit integriertem, voll funktionsfähigen und anpassbaren Waffenhammer.

  • Castle-Nut-Schlüssel
  • ½ "Drehmomentempfänger
  • Fixierter Stahlhammerkopf
  • Messing Hammerkopf
  • Nylon Hammerkopf
  • Gummi Hammerkopf
  • Drehmomentspezifikationen hinter Hammerköpfen geätzt
  • 5/8 "Schlüssel für Fixed Stock Receiver Extensions
  • ¾ "Mündungsbremszange
  • Laufmutter-Schlüssel
  • Mil Spec Barrel Mutter Schraubenschlüssel
  • Austauschbarer Hammerkopfempfänger

AR15 Master Bench Block
Enthält alle wichtigen AR15-Masse, um 13 verschiedene Stifte zu entfernen. Um
fassendes AR15-Benchblock ermöglicht 13 kritische  Pins aus 5 verschiedenen Komponenten beim AR15 sauber zu entfernen. Der Block ist in eine  Ummantelung eingewickelt und somit rutschfest. Alle Komponenten sind auf der äusserst robusten Oberfläche eingraviert, damit schnell und präzise das richtige Teil am richtigen Ort platziert werden kann. Auf der Rückseite sorgen eingebettete Magnete dafür, dass Metallteile nicht verloren gehen, während das Pin-Aufbewahrungsschacht Stifte sicher aufbewahrt...

RealAvid AR15 Master Bench Block

  • 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 Zoll
  • Arbeitsfläche aus hochfestem Kunstharz
  • Gummierte rutschfeste äussere Oberfläche
  • Vier starke Magnete unter dem Block
  • Bolzen (horizontal) 1/16 "und 3/32" Pins
  • Bolzen (vertikal)
  • Gasblock (2) 1/8 "und 5/64" Pins
  • Upper Receiver
  • Forward Assist 3/32 "Pin
  • Ladegriff 5/64 "Pin
  • Trigger Guard 1/8 "Stift
  • Stiftspeicherung
  • Trigger Guard 1/8 "Stift
  • Lower Receiver (horizontal)
  • Ejektorschieber
  • Auslöserbaugruppe (2) 5/32 "Stifte

RealAvid Gun Tool Pro AR15
When it comes to keeping your AR15 going bang and getting the most for your buck, Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the clear choice. Thirty-five highly capable tools in a tactical, rugged design work with ease and  precision to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately. From teardown and carbon scraping, to maintenance and reassembly, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the partner to have in the field, at the range, or on the workbench.

RealAvid Gun Tool Pro AR15

  • Precision  cut faces on the carbon scraper quickly clean all external and internal surfaces on the bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin (large and small), and cam pin. These surfaces are precision milled to out-clean anything else on the market.
  • Two bit drivers located at the front and on the side of the frame handle your precision adjustments and high torque jobs, respectively. Eight square-cut, hollow ground bits ride right onboard.
  • A knurled, steel tap hammer at the base of the handle stands ready to assist you in punching stubborn pins. A deployable 8-32 threaded   receiver accepts common cleaning rods, cables, brushes, and other maintenance implements. Also included are T10, T15, T20 Torx® wrenches.
  • A unique, quickly accessible tool deploys instantly to clear jams, remove stuck cartridge cases, and put the rifle quickly back into firing mode.
  • Carried in a custom sheath compartment, the stainless steel sight tool quickly handles adjustment  of both A1 & A2 style sights. The barrel is knurled for solid grip and precision adjustments.
  • The tool folds down to fit in the ballistic nylon, MOLLE-compatible sheath easily carried on your belt, pack, or range bag. The sheath also secures the front sight adjuster tool.
  • A special flip-open, magnetized compartment on top of the frame securely stows and holds tiny components so you won’t lose them and waste precious time searching for them.

RealAvid Top AR15 Mod's

RealAvid Top AR15 Mod's Book
To serve the huge base of AR15 owners who are fueling the growth of aftermarket accessories, we created a master GUN DIY® instruction manual. It’s packed with easy-to-follow, photo illustrated, step-by-step, how-to-do-it directions for the 18 most popular modifications for AR15s. Written and edited by professional armorers, this authoritative book gives users the confidence and know-how to tackle everything from a simple sight install to the more challenging changing out of a barrel…and everything in between. 18 Top Mods shows how to BUILD IT RIGHT.

Real Avid AR15 Armorer's Master Kit
This kit of Master Grade Tools and how-to information equips you to confidently tackle everything from building your own gun from the ground up to customizing or modifying an existing gun. With better tolerances, materials and expanded capability, every tool is carefully designed to make each job as simple and easy to execute as possible. Housed in a professional tool case and equipped with step-by-step instructions, you will be able to work smarter and create better guns regardless of your experience level.
RealAvid AR15 Armorer's Master Kit
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